Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artwork for the Godparents

Grant wanted to give one of his kindergarten pictures to each of his godparents: Mr. Al, Miss Barb, and Aunt Caroline. He and I thought long and hard about which picture he would like and then we came up with a great idea - we should use my blog and let them choose their own pictures.

So Barb, Al and Caro, this post is for you. Grant says, "You can look at all of those pictures and if you want which one, you can have it." Just leave us a comment with your preferred piece of art and we'll mail it to you.

#1: Underwater Playtime. Note the blue fish on the left is eating the smaller gold fish. It's all about the food chain.

#2: Our family. He says the larger figures on the right are him and Audrey. Buddy and I are the dwarves on the left.

#3: Helicopter, hot air balloon and plane flying over a cityscape.

#4: Rainy Day in our Neighborhood. Those dots falling out of the sky are raindrops. Those big brown dots behind the picture are his adorable eyes.

#5: Black-and-white collage of our neighborhood. A bird, a jet and a hot air balloon in the sky. Rockets on the ground. Please note that are in fact no rockets in our neighborhood.

#6: Heart Monster. Two little girls in his class contributed some extra hearts to his collage, they thought his wasn't warm enough. I think it's sweet that he accepted their contributions.

#7: Our neighborhood. Helicopter flying overhead. Note three rockets on the ground, sandwiched in between the sky scrapers.

#8: The four of us and a jack-in-the-box.

#9: Calligraphy.

#10: Fruit trees, buildings, airplanes, helicopters. The green one flying "the other direction" is a bird, not a helicopter.

#11: Traffic light.