Monday, February 13, 2012

Nature, laughter, lights, song, peace, love and dreams that came true

I was browsing through the pictures on my cell phone and realized they tell a story of our first six months in Nashville. It's a story of nature, laughter, lights, song, peace, love and dreams that came true. Enjoy.

My niece Bliss is born!

Grant broke his arm

Finally I'd like to give a shout-out to all the wonderful people we've met and come to love here. They are, in no particular order - Amanda, Jeff, Maggie, Paige, Julia, Gray, Missy, Michael, Haley, Merritt, Caleb, Josh, Breanna, Joe, Alex, Georgia, Elvis, Brian, Valerie, Maddie, Brian, Mariah, Brian, Rusty, Steve, Daniel, Lilly, Tigerlilly, Jenny, Austin, Grace, April, Patrick, Coach Greg, Jena, Eli, Anka, Coach Henry, Lynn, Yordanos, Jonathan, Bill, Florian, Shayna, Kim, Gwen, Chris, Markus, Nathan, Stephanie, Jacob, Marcus, Mimi, Will, Tim, Houston, Kim, Mr. Doty, Mr. Mayes, Ms. Ford, Ms. Hooper, Mr. McGuire, Ms. Ginter, Ms. Reddy, Ms. Strickland, Ms. Kurzrock, Dr. Pittman, Dr. Hughes, Ms. Gleason, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Angus, Ms. Black, Ms. White, Ms. Blake, Fong Chong, Craig, Taylor, Molly, Krissa, Mark, Bliss, Delaney, Landon, Libby, Danny, Andrea, Alexus, Marcia, Tim, Mave, Cheryl, Mike, Trey, Walker, Brooxs, Jacqui, James, Elizabeth, Leo, Alice, Wallace, Mary, Eden, Kate, Lindsay, Lisa, Michaela, Kori, Charlene, Jerry, Craig, Jeanette, Britney, Bailey, Renee, David, Xavier, Jeremiah, Cora, Nora, Shemuel, Kai, John, Amy, Mark, Harry Potter, Anissa, Hong, Grace, Carter, Mason, Doug, Susan, Jamey, Angie, Tina, Hope, Bruce, Thomas, Nancy, Miles, Lise, Blake, Sarah, Dominic, Laura, Jeff, Mida, Joe, Julia, Jim, Marcina, Craig, Will, Leslie, Kennedy, Laura, Elizabeth, Emily, Claire, Vicki, John, Lucas, Alex, Mandy, Patricia, and oh my goodness look at how many of you there are, you wonderful people, and I'm sure I'm forgetting many others. This city has been so good to us. You all have been so good to us. Thank you! We love you.