Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Heart Us

Tonight after dinner Buddy and I took the kids for a walk around our apartment complex - they rode their bikes while we jogged. Grant doesn't know how to control his bike very well yet so at times he rode his bike *into* me while I jogged.

He was like an obstacle course that moves right along with you.

The weather was perfect - balmy with just a soft breeze. The mosquitoes aren't out yet. We could hear scores of frogs croaking in the moonlight. It was one of those moments where my heart swells up with contentment and gratitude for all my blessings. God is so good.

Then Grant ran into my shin again and kinda killed that moment.

Anyway there's a lake in the middle of the complex and it has a sandy beach. We sat down for a few moments to enjoy the evening, and to put some direct pressure on the cut on my shin.

Audrey wrote "I {heart}" in the sand.

And then my heart swelled to new heights when she completed the sentence.


I love us too.


Forrest said...

I can feel the love among your family. :-)

Heather said...

I just spent 45 minutes reading your other (ie. work) blog. I love it! David never told me you were so funny, girl (and I bet no one in China calls you "girl".) You asked a quetion on my blog and I have no idea how to email you so here goes... Check out my blog post on April 4th called "Motoring". That post will link you to another post labeled "Warning Profanity Ahead". Both explain the switch from Cooper to Ash.
Take care,