Friday, July 24, 2009

If he does that I will change his name to Bubba

While I'm working every day the kids are in day camp at Forest Lake United Methodist Church. They told me they weren't going to pick up Southern accents while they're here but now that they're surrounded by kids their age who are dripping in Southern drawl, Audrey and Grant are picking it up too.

For example this morning when Grant dropped his French toast he said, "Dedgummit!"

And he asked me to put fried catfish and hush puppies in his lunch box today.

I'm just waiting for him to say "y'all", that's all that's missing.


I18n G.A.L. said...

When we first moved here and were living at mum-in-law's house, Lauren played with the kids next door, who had heavy Bristolian accents. One day Lauren said the word "better" in Bristolian (hard to type, basically there's a glottal stop for the "tt" in the middle, similar to American "button"). I said, "Honey, you can say "bet-er" or "bed-er", but I will not allow "be'-er". Fortunately folks here in Posset have a more standard accent.

Dalton Dorné said...

I for one, hope ya'll has been made a permanent part of their English language immersion. I'll be sure to use it when I talk to them in Beijing, actually, I think I use it a lot. Best word in the southern language in my opinion!