Friday, June 11, 2010

I am probably not Stage Mom Material

I don't like to blog about how great my kids are. I think they're great but I don't expect you guys to understand so I don't waste space on the internet trying.

But today I just have to. Because Audrey played the lead in a play called "鸡婆花" last week. I knew she was going to be in a play, I mean I'd been dragging her across town for rehearsals for a couple of weeks and all. And Buddy had told me she had a significant role.

But I didn't realize how big her role was, or how professional the play was, or how many people would be in the audience.

Until I was sitting in the audience watching my baby perform in front of 900 people, a packed theater. Singing and dancing and saying lots of words. In Chinese. And looking so incredibly cute. I snapped this picture with my iPhone so it doesn't give you the full effect, but if you squint your eyes you get the picture.

Please note my baby is standing on the stage all by herself! She was up there by herself talking to the audience. Of 900 people! Did I say that? It was 900 people.

I wanted to stand up and tell everyone in the theater that five years ago she couldn't say a word in Chinese. And here she was, performing in Chinese! And on top of remembering all her lines she remembered all her songs and dance moves too.

She had a mom in the play and it hurt me to hear her call, "Mommy!" and another woman comes dancing across the stage to hug her. I saw her Other Mom backstage and I shot her all kinds of nasty looks. But I don't think she noticed. Anyway I'm the one she spends Sundays and holidays with.

I am probably not Stage Mom Material.

I asked Audrey if she gets stage fright at all and she said she's usually a little bit nervous for the first few seconds on stage but then she's fine. This composure is going to serve her well no matter what she does in life, I think.

This is Audrey and me backstage after the play.

Alright, I will stop now. Thank you for tolerating this brief rant.


Sin-Yaw Wang said...

Hey, Ada devotes her entire blog on her kid. You Moms are just genetically programmed this way. No need to apologize. :-)

Yes, she was cute.

Melanie Gao said...

Thanks Sin-Yaw. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, back to following your great blog!

900 people! WOW! Hope Oracle is treating you well... Barb

Melanie Gao said...

So glad to see you again Barb. :)

I'm afraid Oracle is not treating me any way at all yet - we still haven't had our LEC in China yet. Can we please get this over already?!?! Please pull some string for me to make it happen sooner, okay?

Chantal said...

Wow Mel! 900 people. Tell Audrey that Ayi Chantal says a big well done! You are so right...whatever she decides to do in the future this experience will serve her well.

Ulyana said...

Aaaaaw, thank you for bragging!!! I am so very much impressed! Good job. I think it's an accomplishment when I don't stutter in front of 20 people...

... 20 people I know, haha!

Sarah said...

WOW! That is sooo impressive! She's so young, and so confident. 900 people?! Wow. You have every reason to brag. But considering that you didn't know how big a deal it was until you got there, I'd say you're probably not stage mom material, either. ;D

Melanie Gao said...

Chantal, Ulyana and Sarah, thank you for appreciating Audrey too. :)

Christie said...

Hi Melanie, this is Christie, Gao Xin's high school classmate. Please say you remember me! :-) Wow, Audrey did a great job!! I didn't know she couldn't say a word in Chinese 5 years ago. I heard her talking in Chinese in that phone message during Chinese new year (your whole family's sweet greeting! And please don't hit me for not calling back for saying happy new year too. My bad!), and she sounded just like a regular Chinese kid born and grew up there. Amazing!! I am going to keep reading your blog here to see how your guys are, since Gao Xin never bothers to write anything to us. haha! Keep in touch! Don't know when to go back to BJ for vacation, but when we do, we will hook up for sure!

Melanie Gao said...

Christie of course I remember you! Don't worry for a minute about not responding to that voice mail - we never keep track of things like that. Mostly because we're not diligent about responding ourselves. :) Thanks for reading my blog and please do let us know when you're in Beijing next time!