Monday, August 1, 2011

Take Time to Look at the Green Stuff

We arrived in Nashville on July 18 and we're slowly settling in to our new house. Every day is chaotic and fun right now - I'm drinking wine out of paper cups and mixing chicken salad in a soup pot and we're sleeping on a mattress on the floor but we have everything we need.

There are so many stories I want to tell you but for now I'll share the one on the top of my mind -

On the drive from Birmingham to Nashville Grant stared out the window for several minutes and then told me, "I've looked at green stuff so long now, my eyes can see further. When you look at trees and grass for a long time I know it makes your eyes gooder."

More later, once we get wi-fi established in our house. For now, don't forget to look at the green stuff.


T.Paul said...

I was told also about this "casting my eyes to see the great green meadows far away" will be beneficial to my myopia long ago. Hope that really works. Good luck to your new challenges and take care.

Sarah said...

Good luck settling in! As much as I love green, I find that I get fed up of it after a while. I'm a city girl at heart. :D

Helen said...

There's a whole lot of green in America. Tell Grant to pace himself! Keep us posted. xxxooo

An said...

Glad you're settling in OK! Grant is a smart one. =)

Christi said...

The more Grant wisdom I get, the better off I am. Keep it coming!