Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okay, fine

Grant wrote his Valentine's Day cards for his class last week.  He signed each one:

"From, No one

Okay fine, from Grant"

I thought this was hilarious.  Then the next morning he wrote this note to himself:

It says:

"Please don't throw away sticky note.  

Change the Valentine cards to just from Grant this afternoon."



Susan Blumberg-Kason said...

So cute! We were told not to individually address our Valentine's because it's too time consuming for the kids to find specific boxes. I'm not sure if that was the case for Grant, but if so, it gives him more time to be creative with what he writes in the 'from' part.

By the way, I love telling people about your Grant's Mom/Grandma story. That was *the* blog post of last year!

Melanie Gao said...

Susan I'm so glad you liked the Grandma story! :) That one still makes me laugh.

I like the efficiency of your child's school! I can't wait until Tennessee schools catch up with that. :)

Nancy Kleinert said...

He is the cutest thing! He makes me laugh:)))))

Melanie Gao said...

Me too Nancy. :)

Pepper Tan said...

He's so effortlessly funny. Hope you had a happy Valentine's :)

Anonymous said...

Melanie,I always have a question for the two kids,like,what do you expect them to be?


Anonymous said...

I mean,if I can ask the question politely..


Melanie Gao said...

We did have a great Valentine's Day Pepper, thanks! I hope you did too.

No problem about the question Leny. You know I don't have real expectations about what the kids will be as they grow up. I know God has plans for them and I pray for the grace to let His will be done. My main goal is to not get in His way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answering Melanine! So have they excelled in their studies yet?

My auntie,my mother's friend is married to a German guy, and gave birth to Diana.She is a beautiful mixed little girl aged at nine this year. She is very good at language,mastering well in Mandarin( I am not a big fan for the language of Mandarin),Cantonese,English and German! And I have many reasons to marry a German girl in fact!

So yeah...what if the kids disbelieve God in the future..yes,right beautiful woman,can you please stop talking about God please? THAT only TRIGGERS my eagerness to fight back for...Satan..I suppose..Cheers beautiful and SEXY woman!


Melanie Gao said...

hi Leny, I can't stop talking about God, and also won't fight with you or my kids about Him. I realize I can't force anyone to believe the things I believe. It has to be a personal choice.

Anonymous said...

Melanine,then,you are just forcing yourself to belive in God. And the kids may hate you when they grow up and seek the truth about religion.No?

There is no point for a god who persecutes his believers,if god is really love.

Also,nevertheless,you have spelled my name wrong at least two times.Beautiful woman.

I love German women so much,because Bruce Lee's grandfather and my grandfather were friends.And Bruce was a quarter German.

And by so, I pardon too you spelling my name wrong. I am so proud of Bruce Lee.